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Taking wildlife to meta-safety

They say the future is Metaverse.

Having half-destroyed the planet, humans are busy creating a new meta world escaping into this fun and cool digital habitat. But there are species who cannot escape – not just into Metaverse, but even escape human greed and negligence. 

I refuse to accept Metaverse which comes at the expense of what I hold most dear – the Nature. It is only too easy to forget about wildlife on the brink of extinction and go play online. This is not me. I do not fancy a digital world full of ugly monsters and pixelated primitives. 

I will only accept Metaverse if it is in harmony with our environment. As a next step of human evolution, it should be a better place - for everyone. 

Nature is the source of endless fascination: the sea, and jungle, and whales, and birds, and flowers. It must all be preserved and then mirrored in Metaverse in all its glory.  It must also benefit directly from digitalization.

Sir David Attenborough states that biodiversity is key for prevention of environmental collapse. I want to contribute to preservation of biodiversity by creating Metadiversity. I want to populate it with adorable pangolins, and hard-working bees, and all these marvellous creatures that are all around us, but not safe any longer. This is what this project is about – helping preserve the treasures of Nature and make Metaverse work for Nature.

Creating a safe and beautiful meta space.     Contributing to real world conservation.     Enjoying digital art.

Lets do it.

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