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Creative Vision

The Meta Series Project is launched to bring digital art through NFTs into Metaverse and draw attention to critically endangered species in the real world. We will direct a percentage of initial sale and of subsequent royalties towards charities which support the Totem Animal of each Series.

Series will be named after the Totem Animal (e.g., we are starting with P-Series dedicated to the plight of pangolins). Each Series is individually created by a blend of human vision and AI art mastery, and carefully curated to present a multifaceted projected environment. No two images are identical, and initial Series will be kept under 100 pieces. For the first two Series at least we will not be minting multiple copies, focusing on uniqueness.

It is also our vision to create happy and positive art, full of light and dreams. We will not be publishing any scary monsters or disfigured abstracts. We want to keep it family-friendly, nurturing and caring.

At this stage it is not our intention to proactively link directly into any existing Metaverse Zoos, gaming skins or real estate. We are more of a native jungle rather than a crypto zoo. However if our Metadiversity bubble is considered to be a good fit for any, we'll be open to discussion.

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